diameter kabel nyy 4x120mm

Diameter kabel nyy 4x120mm dan spesifikasi Kabel Listrik NYY 4 x 120 mm
-Ukuran : 4×120 mm 0.6/1kv (NYY)
-Nominal thickness Insulation : 1.6 mm
-Nominal thickness Outer Sheath : 2.3 mm
-Overall Diameter (Approx) : 4.4 mm
-Weight of Cable (Approx) : 5676 kg/km
-Minimum Bending Radius : 767 mm
-Standart Delivery Lenght : 500/D
-Applications :Indoor and outdoor induct instalation or of laying in the ground where not sustain mechanical demage.
-Cooper Counductor PVC Insulated & PVC Sheated non Armoured Power Cable.

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